Healthy food made easy

Healthy Food Made Easy is a fun course where you will learn to cook healthy meals on a budget. The course is usually run over 6 sessions (2 and a half hours). The emphasis throughout the course is on group learning and talking rather than formal teaching. Starts...

Healthy food made easy

Memories for Grace and Tommy

Afternoon All. Our friend and colleague Kevin recently received the devastating news that his two children Grace and Tommy have an extremely rare Mitochondrial condition. It is a degenerative disease, there is no cure & it is LIFE LIMITING. Every parent’s worst...


Our New Community Cafe

We installed a fabulous new stainless steel kitchen. It can be used as a teaching kitchen, for youth work and indeed a Community Café, which we will open as soon as possible. Let us know, what you would like to see on the...

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2020 Improvements

2020… what a year. Due to the pandemic, our plans to open were somewhat altered. During this time, we’ve been busy improving your Centre in so many ways: a new Kitchen, windows, equipment and have gathered a fabulous new team of staff that are excited to meet you...